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March 2005

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On Saturday 12 March a party of 20, mainly anchor boys, went to see the pantomime Dick Whittington at Burntwood.  It was staged by the girls and boys brigade companies at Burntwood Methodist Church. A great time was had by all.

Congratulations to Connor Turner, Junior Section, who recently won a picture competition and to Adam Spindler, from Anchor Boys, who came 3rd in his group.  Well done boys. To view winning pictures visit Boys Brigade website at

Jeel Al-Amal School

Jeel Al-Amal is a school and a home for over 100 boys.  Alice and her daughter Samar are Christian Arabs.  Since 1972, they have cared for children, mainly Muslims, who have been orphaned or neglected through war, famine or abandoned by parents or grandparents because either there was no food, or they were crippled or even just mildly disabled.

They entered the present buildings of the orphanage and school in the mid 1980’s and today the home accommodates 95 boarders with another 80 children coming to the school each day.    All are welcomed. The children are largely from poor families and no fees are charged.

In the beginning there was some state money but when that dried up they had to rely on tourism. After the start of the present hostilities, the problem of money became worse.  Since tourism dried up almost overnight so did the money. Alice and Samar were obviously worried.  Even so their faith was and is outstanding. “God will help us” and “God will look after his children” were heard constantly.

Alice and Samar, against all odds, provide homes for these children out of their Christian love and charity. For more information contact 


The 1st Cannock Company of the Boys Brigade has supported the home since 2000 and after various fund raising events has been able to send them a donation each Christmas.  To date we have sent (including donations received at Dot’s thanksgiving service) a total of £5629.00.

At a recent company staff meeting it was suggested that perhaps we could provide sponsorship for some of the boys to provide a more regular income through the year.  We have already made a start in this direction, but if you feel that you would like to help then Frank would be very pleased to give you further details.  Either see him in church or e-mail the Boys Brigade on



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