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April 2012

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We are very fortunate at St Stephen's as we have two choirs, St Stephen's Choir/Singers and St Stephen's Gospel choir.

St Stephen's choir will be taking part in the service on Palm Sunday, 1 April, at 6.30 pm  singing "It took a Miracle".

The singers recently went to Greenwood Studios in Bridgtown to record the backing track to a new song which has been written to celebrate the Olympics coming to Great Britain.  On Saturday 24 March this song was played in Cannock town centre.  See them on youtube on




St Stephen's Gospel Choir

Thank you to Sue and the Gospel Choir for the wonderful evening they gave to us recently. Everyone there certainly ‘sang praise to the Lord’ and thoroughly enjoyed listening to the praise the Gospel Choir gave us through their music.

It was a very special evening with an amazing amount of £360 raised through donations. Half to be used by the choir for the purchase of music and half being donated to Michaels ‘Mission 2012’ to Africa. This gives cause for another ‘Thank You’ to everyone who supported the event.  Looking forward to the next one!


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