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St Stephen's 40th Birthday

On 24 June we welcomed back one of our previous Ministers, Rev Mary Jackman and husband Bob.  Following the morning service there was a  bring and share meal, followed by a walk of witness before the afternoon service.

St Stephen's Methodist Church

Katie arranging flowers for our special day Rev Jem & Rev Mary cut the cake

Tucking in to the bring and share lunch Welcome back to Bob and Mary Jackman
St Stephens 40th anniversary cake Bob and Mary outside St Stephens


Our poem lady, Margaret, also very good at cakes!



Trinity Church

Foundations of St Stephen's Church

A Harvest Festival



Flower Festival September 1986





Before and during the War, Bridgtown possessed three active Methodist Chapels.  In 1947 Carmel, the ex-primitive Methodist Chapel on the corner of East Street and Park Street decided to close.  The majority of members chose to join Park Street, which was known as 'Top Chapel' but this church closed in 1964.  Trinity Church continued to witness to the faith in Walsall Road.  Together the members worked towards the building of a new society on the Longford Estate.

On 8 January 1966 the foundation stones were laid on the site of the new church.  By September the school hall was completed, Trinity closed  and the members transferred their activities to the new school hall whilst awaiting completion of the new church.  Sunday School met at 11.30 am and on the first week of opening about 270 children flocked to the hall and every available room and space had to be used.   Because of the large numbers it was necessary to conclude the morning worship at 11.15 am to allow the congregation to disperse and the children to arrive.  

Finally the long awaited day arrived when, on 24 June 1967, the congregation gathered together to worship in their new church, the design of which was inspired by the new Coventry Cathedral.



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