St. Stephen's Church

Bideford Way, Cannock, Staffs. WS11 1QD


Second Wednesday of month 2-4pm

A meeting place for anyone just wanting a chat and a cup of tea. Free admission (See calendar for dates)

The Speakeasy will be re starting at 2PM on Wednesdays on the following dates.
All people are welcome to come and get to meet old friends and to make new ones.
Tea / coffee and biscuits will be supplied. Here is a list of the dates that they will be held on.
Here is a list of the dates
Wednesday 10th November, 2021
Wednesday 8th December, 2021
Wednesday 5th January, 2022
Wednesday 9th February, 2022
Wednesday 9th March, 2022
Wednesday 6th April, 2022
Wednesday 11th May, 2022
We look forward to seeing you.

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